Renthof Chronicals

Histor(ies) since 1298. To continue telling the story of 717 years of history is an exciting adventure that we meet with passion. What happened so far ?

Disillusioned crusaders gather in the mid 12th century at the ancient Mount Carmel in Palestine and devote themselves to the founding of a hermit community. The expansion of the Saracens forces the Order of the Carmelites back to Europe. Landgrave Heinrich the I. calls the order to settle in Kassel in 1262. They buy a house from a Jewish woman called Rachel and start building a church and monastery in 1298 – a project that would last for the next 78 years.

The reformation forces the closing of the Roman Catholic monastery – the first closure of it´s kind. Landgrave Maurice the Learned, a composer, lover of music, theatre, art in general, architecture and alchemy redesigns the monastery into a gentry school where the renowned composer Heinrich Schuetz received his first education.

The Gentry school is being transformed into a Knight Academy

In the midst of the Thirty Year’s War the University of Marburg opens it´s Kassel branch in the north-west wing of the building complex.


From the 2nd half of the 17th century the building complex houses many royal administrations as an expansion of the chambers at the river Fulda. From now on the building complex is being called „Renthof“.


Allied Air forces bombard the City of Kassel with 400.000 firebombs falling in 1.5 hrs.
80% of all buildings including the whole historic centre are destroyed. 10.000 people die. The only partly destroyed „Renthof“ is rebuilt by the Society for Wellbeing as a retreat for the elderly .

the foundation „Alte Brüderkirche“ renovates the early gothic church after it has been left by the congregation in 1970. The historical church serves as an extraordinary event space which Rainer Holzhauer and his team cater to.

Spring 2017
Our hotel, restaurant, conference- and event facilities open their doors after a historically appropriate restoration in a location with an exciting past.



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