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Introducing the founders and architects…

Rainer Holzhauer is a naturally gifted gastronomer who has a deep understanding about weaving locations, hospitality and food into genuine experiences.The Holzhauer Inc. operates the country inn “Grischäfer“, the “Cascades tavern” in the UNESCO world heritage “Bergpark“, “Castle Friedrichstein”, the “Aue” spa and is catering countless locations and events in the region.



The WELL Group founded in 2009 by Kirstin and Uwe Kleinkauf, focuses on business development, -consul-ting and -investment specialized in the renewable energy, health and organic food sectors



For more then 20 years Groger, Grund and Schmidt have been working in the field of architectural conservation and re-constrution. To trace and conserve existing qualities is one of their core intentions for creating an emotional dense atmosphere in architecture



For 15 years Atelier30 has been working with passion and success in various fields of architecture with a special focus on archi-tectural conservation. Atelier30 has been awarded with numerous architectural prizes – especially for 2 buildings which belong to the Renthof complex. The reconstruction of the historical church “Alte Brüderkirche“ has been featured in the German museum of architecture.

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